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Welcome to All Cleared Customs Brokerage

Customs Broker New York

Welcome to All Cleared Customs Brokerage, if you need fast and reliable Customs Brokerage services you have found the right place! We are a customs broker headquartered at New York who provides import broker services for all ports of entry into the United States whether by ocean vessel or air-cargo shipment​.

Trucking and delivery services are also available to and from any port through our supply chain of reliable import drayage truckers.​

We offer fast and friendly service to Importers of any size, and can provide same or next day service to your import needs. Give us a call for us to answer any import questions you may have, and to begin the importation process. 

Our Services

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 Time Sensitive Import Services

Need urgent same day service for shipment you have on hand? Use the Active Contact Form for us to get back to you asap to start service and provide quote.  Same day services are available for ISF Filing, Customs Clearance, Dog Importation and Vehicle Imports. Or give us a call at 718-269-7011 to start service.

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