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Freight Forwarding / Shipping Services


All Cleared Customs Brokerage has expanded services to meet the increasing customer demand for global freight forwarding and shipping goods into the US. Our experienced staff handles all aspects of your freight forwarding needs, including shipping, customs brokerage and delivery of goods to your door. You can be assured that your goods are moved and delivered safely and efficiently.

Door to Door delivery is our premier freight shipping service which includes all the costs of shipping the goods, US Customs and delivery to your door. This method of shipping provides all the costs upfront so you know the total costs of the shipment, unlike other methods such as CIF, CFR, and FOB shipping terms which most of the charges you only find out when arrived. For our door to door service, we will take care of all the processes from the beginning with picking up the goods from the factory, loading the container, delivery to the port, and arriving at destination to clear US Customs and deliver to your door. 

ACCB Door-to-Door Delivery – it is a easier way to import with all your costs known upfront from overseas to your door. 

  • Pick up goods from overseas factory to deliver to port terminal.

  • Faciliate the documentation support needed for the cargo export.

  • Provide Bill of Lading and shipping schedule with ETD and ETA

  • Container receiving in the port and preparing for shipment.

  • Custom clearance at port of destination and container delivery to the final destination.

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