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Dog Importation


The importation of dogs into the U.S. is regulated by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The strict import requirements set forth by this agency is to protect the dog from abuse or neglect before and after the importation. The first requirement set forth that a visual inspection of the dog must appear healthy on arrival. Upon visual inspection from US Customs and CDC, the proper vaccination records and clearance paperwork must be provided in order to get authorization for release of the dog.

Here at All Cleared Customs, our dedicated dog import department will help guide you through the import process and to help expedite the clearance with U.S. Customs and CDC immediately upon your flight arrival. For those who plan on importing a dog, it is recommended that you contact our dog import department prior to exportation of the animal, to ensure you have the proper requirements checked off so that you have a smooth clearance process upon arrival. ​

Overview of Requirements set forth by CDC

  • Must appear visually healthy upon arrival

  • Valid rabies vaccination certificate (high risk countries may require US issued certificate)

  • Age requirement

  • Proof of microchip

  • Arrival at an approved port of entry

  • Valid import documentation

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