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Trucking and Delivery Services

Trucking and Delivery Services

Trucking and delivery services are available for your ocean or air cargo imports. We have a specialization in drayage delivery services for the ports of New York and New Jersey. At the same time, we can also arrange delivery services for any U.S. Port for customs clearances we are handling. We offer both competitive pricing for local and out of state shipments. 

Importers are to be reminded that if you are shipping your goods by ocean loose freight or by air, you also have the ability to pick up your goods in person. Our customs brokers can help coordinate and provide you full instructions and documents required for self pick up. Please note that for self pick up, Importers will require a truck with loading dock capability. For air cargo this is not required if your goods are not palletized. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the trucking and delivery services ,self pick up option, or a quote .


General Procedures by Port Terminal or CFS station

Upon customs and freight release of your goods, the Port Terminal or CFS Station will make ready for your goods to be picked up. For full container load shipments the available date ranges from 1-2 days from arrival, for loose cargo goods the ready date can range from 4-7 days. If in the event of any customs exams, the pick up ready date will take longer depending on the intensity level of the exam. 

When the goods are ready for pick up, the customs broker will notify the Importer on the first day of availability and provide a last free day to pick up the goods. Any pick up after the last free day, demurrage or storage charges will be accrued to the Importer. For full container load shipments, a licensed trucker are the only ones allowed to for pick up. For loose container small cargo goods, the Importer has the option of self pickup, or hire a trucker. Please note that proper equipment may be required if the importer chooses for self pickup at CFS. 

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