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Air Cargo Clearance

ACCB is a dedicated provider of air cargo customs clearances services for both JFK International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport. We provide fast same day customs clearance for air freight with optional trucking and delivery services.

Shipping cargo by air requires top priority, as most air cargo handlers allow 2-3 days to pick up goods before storage charges incur. For importers who are in the planning stages of your shipment, it is recommended to contact us to review the import regulations for your goods and to start preparation for customs clearance before goods depart overseas. 

Whats is Air Cargo? 

Shipping goods by air cargo is that your seller or their freight forwarder will arrange the air freight to be placed in a Carrier Airline such as American Airlines, British Airways, China Airlines, and any of the other major carriers. This is different than shipping goods by express couriers such as UPS or Fedex. So what is the advantage of shipping air freight by cargo?

Advantages of Air Cargo

  • Great for both small or large volume shipments

  • Greater control with customs clearance and delivery 

  • Customs Broker can pre-clear your goods before arrival

  • Clear shipments subject to PGA's such as FDA,USDA,FWS faster

Highlights JFK Customs Broker Services

  • Expedited Customs Clearance

  • PGA Clearance for FDA, USDA, FWS, CPSC, and other gov't agencies if required

  • Pick up and Delivery of your goods from JFK to Door

Our Advantage

  • Dedicated JFK Customs Broker for Air Cargo Clearance

  • Expedited Same Day Service

  • Messenger to pick up and deliver documents to cargo areas and customs office. 

Other Specialized Air Freight Customs Services:

  • JFK Customs Seizures at Passenger Terminal  

  • Fines and Penalties Cases Issued (FP&F) 

  • Air Cargo in General Order Warehouse due to Late Customs Entry Declaration 

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