Car Import Services into US

Vehicle Imports

The importation of vehicles into the U.S. is regulated by NHTSA, EPA and in addition to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. In order to import vehicles into the United States, they vehicle must be manufactured in accordance with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and EPA engine guidelines. For vehicles over 25 years of age, exemptions can be filed by the Customs Broker to waiver the NTHSA and EPA requirements. 

We provide customs clearnce services for vehicles which where manufactured in the United States and returning into the U.S. with a valid VIN # FMVSS certified, and also for vehicles over 25 years of age purchased from overseas locations such as Japan and European via commerical sale or relocation. 

Requirements to Import Cars & Vehicles

1. Must be manufactured to FMVSS Standards

2. Cars 25 years or older are exempted from FMVSS.

3. Proper Import Documentation

4. U.S. Customs Entry, NHTSA and EPA declarations required  

5. U.S. Customs Bond required 

Overview of Vehicle Brokerage Services

  • ISF Filing

  • U.S Customs Clearance

  • NHTSA Clearance

  • EPA Clearance

  • Customs Bond  

  • Arrival Coordination with Freight Carrier