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Common costs of importing goods into the US

Common Costs of Importing Goods into the US

Besides the price that you paid your seller for the goods (with or without freight & insurance included), and the customs broker fees and duties involved. A question that comes up very often with our clients is "what other costs are there?"

The additional costs besides the price paid to your seller and the customs brokerage fees will vary by the product, size, volume, weight and shipping method whether by ocean or air.

In the below section, these are the common costs an Importer will see when their goods arrive to the U.S, in which their customs broker will help them find out and coordinate.

The charges listed below are the other parties involved which have a part in the handling of your goods and is part of the importation supply chain.

Common costs of Importing into the United States

1. Ocean freight and insurance (varies, included if shipping by CIF)

2. US Freight/ Delivery Agent Charges ($150-$600)

(may contain: chassis fee, port security fee, devanning charge, import service or handling charge, IT charge)

3. Container Freight Station fees for LCL shipments ($150-$600)

4. Terminal Handling Charges ($150-$300 varies by terminal, LCL will be less)

5. Customs examination fees (varies from $90-$600 by the exam type performed)

6. Container Drayage ( $200-$600 for LCL varies by trucking company and goods. Importers have option for self pick up for LCL, for FCL drayage rates range from $500-$100 varied by delivery location and port terminal and chassis usage)

The common costs listed above will vary mostly by the US freight agent that was selected to handle your goods when arrived to the US, and also by your goods size, weight and volume.

When your goods are near arrival to the US Port, the other duty of a Customs Broker is to help coordinate all activities and payments due to the different parties the Importer will need to pay in order for them to release the goods.

*ACCB is a National Licensed Customs Broker in the New York/ New Jersey Area authorized to process Customs Clearance in any US Port*

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