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USPS EMS Customs Clearance
UPS Courier
Express Consignments - Air Courier

The U.S. Customs guidelines for small packages imported into the United States most often times do not require a Customs Broker for clearance unless your shipment meets on the the criterias below. In today's global ecommerce economy, the ease of buying goods from an overseas vendor is simple, but for U.S. Customs in the event of a package hold, the process for clearance may not be as straight-forward. Importers which have a package in customs hold may contact us directly for clearance service, also we do provide pre-clearance paperwork to importers who wish to import via air courier on a regular basis for their business or personal use.   

Air Courier shipments which required a formal entry:

Goods over $800 in value

Goods are subject FDA, EPA, or other government agency regulation

Goods are over $200 in value subject to China Section 301 Tariff

If your goods are subject to other government agency such as FDA, EPA, USDA or NHTSA, additional documents, information and forms will be required to be submitted to Customs for release. Under the regulations set forth by CBP, most goods under $800 do not require customs entry, and any goods over $2,500 will require a formal entry with bond to be posted for the release of goods.

Customs Clearance is the posting of CBP Forms 7501 + 3461 with the calculated import duty for CBP to review for the release of goods.

The main criteria for CBP release of mail courier shipments if held are:

  • posting of CBP 7501+3461 with calculated duties

  • posting of Customs Bond with entry

  • proper shipping documentation in English such as invoice and packing list 

  • proper country of origin markings as required under the labeling and marking requirements

Mail packages are typically held for 30 days from date of notice for importer to take action to present clearance paperwork to CBP for clearance of goods. Shipments past 30 days, the goods will be exported for return to sender.

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